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Student Code of Ethics

By submitting this form I pledge to adhere to the same high standards of scholarship that are expected of me, as a student, in my academic performance.  I understand that plagiarism of any kind is unacceptable.  I understand that all written and oral work done in conjunction with this program must be my own.  In relation to other teams and individuals with whom I come in contact through participation in this program, I pledge to make a commitment to act with good sportsmanship and respect for others in both victory and defeat. 


I agree to follow all rules as set by CRF and local Mock Trial staff. I acknowledge that my actions will reflect upon my whole team, and I promise to take personal responsibility for my own actions throughout the competition.  I will review the mock trial rules (team rule book/courtroom journalist rules/courtroom artist rules) and will discuss these rules with my teacher sponsor.  I understand that CRF and its asignees reserves the right to exhibit selected entries or photographs for no compensation in various formats, including but not limited to reproduction in official Mock Trial materials, publication on the Internet, and exhibition in public areas.





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